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Touareg blues!

Tamikrest (Tamashek for junction, alliance, the future) is a group of musicians who belong to the Tuareg people. The band was founded in 2006. They mix traditional African music with Western rock and pop influences and sing in Tamashek.
Their music is characterized by electric guitars and vocals, youyous, bass, drums, djembé and other percussion instruments.

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Did you know…new album by Femi Kuti.

One People One World is Kuti's tenth album with his longstanding band Positive Force. Unlike the righteous anger that inspired almost all of his previous recordings, One People One World is by contrast more affirmative; it's celebratory without sacrificing its activism. Read More »

Diamanda Galas! Who is this witch?!

Hvala prijatelju od koga sam prvi put čuo ovaj album. Priznaću, ostali Diamandini albumi su mi teško svarljivi. Samo ovaj album, "Sporting Life" mi se sviđa zbog Read More »


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